Traditional excavation requires digging down from the surface to the necessary depth. Directional drilling is a precise and reliable alternative that drills non-vertical bores beneath the earth. This is far less invasive and destructive, offers improved access to challenging environments – such as beneath rivers or between established mains lines – and is much faster and more labour-efficient than traditional methods. Coupled with our vac truck debris removal services – which other companies outsource to a third party – in peak conditions we can cover kilometres in the same amount of time others need to cover metres.

Oil and Gas Production and Exploration

Our directional drilling solutions are ideal for tricky-to-navigate or environmentally sensitive areas.

Utility Companies

Our level of precision means we can safely operate in congested urban areas and can easily outpace traditional excavation methods for long-distance projects.

Government Infrastructure Projects

We are a fully bonded company and have decades of experience operating in urban environments without causing excessive disruption.

Land and Residential Developments

Directional drilling can be used to connect households to utility lines without damaging the existing topsoil and can connect remote projects faster than traditional excavation.