BLU’s poly pipe fusing services are second to none. Our teams are trained to higher standards – we are one of the few operators in Canada with level 2 fusion technician certification – and our use of modern Data Loggers on every task means we not only know when a job was finished, we know how it was finished, and how it’s holding up. A properly fused pipe is proven to be a safer method of transporting fluids and gases than a hose.

Don’t settle for ‘good enough’ and stop worrying about spillages and leaks. BLU pipelines are the reliable, durable, and environmentally conscious solution.

Oil and Gas Production and Exploration

Poly pipe fusing safely transports large volumes of oil and gas and is an integral part of our signature frac water setup services.

Utility Companies

Our lines are ideal for telecommunications, sewage, water, and gas purposes, and with our precise directional drilling, we can safely install in even the smallest of corridors.

Government Infrastructure Projects

We are a bonded company and have significant experience in completing infrastructure work with a minimum of disruption.

Land and Residential Developments

Poly pipelines can help connect rural and urban households and communities to mainline services quickly and reliably.