Vacuum trucks – vac trucks – are an essential part of any excavation project, helping to remove unwanted material and debris such as dirt, mud, excess water, sewage, and sludge from digging or drilling. Our modern vehicles can integrate with any jobsite, helping to improve work times and ensuring excess debris is disposed of safely and environmentally.

Oil and Gas Production and Exploration

Our teams are ready to help keep your sites clean, from initial construction to providing ongoing support for continuous fracking operations.

Utility Companies

We have considerable experience in providing vac truck services to gas, water, sewage, and telecommunication installation projects.

Government Infrastructure Projects

We are a fully bonded company, ready to assist in any municipal or provincial project that requires the swift removal of material without causing disruption or destruction.

Land and Residential Developments

Good vac truck services can be a key asset in helping to connect rural and urban communities and households to existing utility lines.